Originally published in 1987 by Ed Selkow, this second edition of How to Profitably Bid and Estimate Cleaning Services has been completely updated for 2016. 

The step by step e-book comes with 10 videos, illustrating the entire method with all spreadsheet formulas and explanations for the beginner through, to the seasoned cleaning professional. No more guessing what to charge because you will KNOW exactly how much your estimate should be for any kind of building, right down to the penny. 

There are no tricks or secrets, the formulas and methods for a reliable estimate remain exactly the same no matter if you are bidding a bank, office building, factory, school, hospital, skyscraper, restaurant or corner retail store. This complete guide shows all the information and formulas behind all currently available bidding software (so now you have your very OWN software using free Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel, based all on your own costs and training methods). No more guessing, no more pricing "accidents" because this e-book, along with the 10 videos shows every step so you know exactly what to charge (and how to tweak your price when necessary). 

Imagine the peace of mind knowing exactly what to charge for your cleaning services whether you are bidding janitorial, floor or carpet care, pressure washing or any other cleaning operation you offer now or want to offer in the future. 

If knowledge really is power then how to bid and estimate cleaning is a MUST have for every cleaning professional.