Do you want more janitorial appointments?

Setting quality appointments take perseverance and the right balance of multiple marketing efforts. It is not as easy as picking up the phone and dialing for a few minutes. It is about leveraging information that is collected over the phone in order to supply the prospect with the information that they need. Now a days, prospecting is about farming and nurturing your relationship with the prospect. So, when they are are ready to buy, they will call you first. The key to accomplishing this is to stay relevant, which means consistency. You can spend thousands of dollars on appointment setting services only to find yourself pulling the plug after a few low productive months. So as you are taking time to look for a new appointment setting service you are becoming less relevant to your prospect.. The only thing worse than a poor marketing effort is NO marketing effort. 

It comes down to keeping your telemarketing consistent. It is a guarantee that your telemarketing will hit slow times where appointments of low, but you still need to keep going. The only question is, how much are you ready to spend? If you are paying someone to fight through the slow time, would you rather be paying  an appointment setting service 30-60 dollars an hour or paying your in-house telemarketer $12 hr? The answer seems simple, but commercial cleaning company owners still feel the need to throw money at empty promises.

Our Jump Start Janitorial Marketing program is built around bringing the Appointment setting service in-house at a fraction of the cost. From start to finish you will learn everything that is needed to set endless appointments on a budget.


Are you losing bids because you don't know how to price a job?

It is one thing to get in the door, but knowing what to do once you are in is a whole new ballgame. Having the power and knowledge to price any job big or small will help you acquire PROFITABLE accounts. Don't fall for the flat charge misconception or software that does not allow you to understand how they got to a certain production rate. Every bid is different therefor your production rate will change. A flat charge will only produce less profitable accounts or no accounts at all. Understanding the math behind your production rate is the key to getting and keeping new accounts that will yield more profits than any other resource. How to Profitably Bid and Estimate Cleaning Services is a simple step-by-step guide on what to charge for your cleaning service.


Knowledge is power. Isn't time to start learning? Isn't it time to stop relying others to grow your company? If you are serious about growing your janitorial company then Janitorial Growth Systems is for you. It takes two things to start building your multi-million dollar company, hard work and knowledge. If you are willing to work then our programs and products will supply you with the know-how and skills that will take your company to the next level.