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All of our products and services are unique to the commercial cleaning industry. We strive to bring the most valuable information to our customers without breaking the bank.


2000.00 Platinum Package

What is better than implementing the #1 marketing process to grow your cleaning company? Having someone ELSE do it for you. Jump Start is already a great product, but it does require some set up work in the beginning. If you do not have the time to find, hire and train your Lead Generation Specialist, than let us do it for you. Why pay a telemarketing service the same amount of money only to leave you with nothing more than a list? Our platinum package not only leaves you with a targeted pipeline, but we give you THE ACTUAL EMPLOYEE when we are finished! 


Discounted to $268.00 Jump Start Janitorial Marketing

The is the program that has helped dozens of janitorial companies all over the WORLD grow their business in a healthy way. It is your key to setting more quality appointments, winning more contracts and building your business EXACTLY the way you want to. You will learn how to create a secret weapon of talent that will leave your competition behind you. A single employee that is completely focused on one goal, WINNING MORE CLEANING CONTRACTS.. Did we also mention that this marketing technique is the most cost effective way to grow? 

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$79 "How to bid and estimate profitable cleaning accounts"

The step by step e-book comes with 10 videos, illustrating the entire method with all spreadsheet formulas and explanations for the beginner through, to the seasoned cleaning professional. No more guessing what to charge because you will KNOW exactly how much your estimate should be for any kind of building, right down to the penny. 


$ 15.60 "Break The Gate"

In this 30+ page E-book you will dive into the mind of the gatekeeper. Understanding the person who controls whether or not you speak with your prospect is one of the early steps to winning more cleaning contracts. You will learn not only what to say, you will learn how, why, and when to say it.