The Slow Death of the Telephone

We have all seen the articles and blog post about how cold calling is DEAD. Usually the end result of the article is a trendy marketing process, software or something else that you have to buy.  The truth of this is that cold calling and the telephone in general is NOT dead, but in the process of a slow, painful death. This process will most likely take upwards of a decade to disappear and for the coffin to finally close.

The 3 Marketing Phases to Grow Your Cleaning Company

Ok, so here it is. You already know there is a difference between direct and digital marketing. Now, many consultant, service providers, “experts” will mislead many commercial cleaning owners into believing that one is better than another. This is a bold faced LIE!

The truth is simple and you already know what it is. You cannot successfully apply one without the other. A mixture of digital and traditional direct marketing will be the only way to grow your company from small to large.  So here is what it looks like

Digital marketing includes things like SEO, retargeting ads, Facebook/LinkedIn ads, Adwords, Social media (content marketing), Video marketing, Podcasts, mass email, ect.… So you get the idea. Digital is marketing that is viewed on a screen. Now look at the other component.

Direct Marketing includes things like telemarketing, direct mail (postcards and letters), networking, referrals, social media (direct messaging), door to door cold calling, direct email, etc.…

Now, can you see the difference yet? Ask yourself this question when you are differentiating between the two. Who is going to see this? If you are able to say a prospects name/company then it is direct, if you answer an audience then it is digital.

As a small business owner you will not have the resources to do all the different marketing avenues. You have to choose a mixture of both. Although you must choose for yourself the path you will take, I believe that a company’s marketing effort is broken into 3 phases based upon a company’s budget.


Phase 1 -  this phase is based on making your dollar stretch as far as you can in the most efficient way.

Telemarketing – in-house telemarketing is cheap and efficient. It is the best way to filter through prospects and collect names. This is the first step to direct marketing. GET A NAME!!!

Ask for referrals – offer a discount to current clients for anybody they bring to you.

SEO - set up your website and read some article on SEO, it is not that difficult to get to page one (you may not be #1, but they will see you) for now in phase one it will be enough.

Networking – get out and meet some people, find some local groups and pass out those cards

Social media -  At the very least, get on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and set up your accounts (do yourself a favor and DO NOT EVER BUY likes or followers)

Door to Door – Go hit the pavement.

Phase 2 – lets incorporate a few more marketing avenues that will cost you a little more money, but should be a priority in addition to phase one

Video marketing – you can shoot video on a webcam or through screencast and post it to YouTube. This is part of content marketing and it helps SEO

Social Media (content marketing) – start posting relevant content to your prospects. Time is money so although content marketing is free, it takes time

Direct Mail – use that prospecting list from phase 1 that you collected by telemarketing, networking, ect….

Facebook ads -  This is a cheap way to get your brand in front of prospects.

LinkedIn ads – these are more expensive and less effective, but if you pay for a couple ads (at least $10) LinkedIn will start sending you $50 credits to spend and at that point it is free and c’mon who does not like free?

Phase 3 – these are the bells and whistles that will cost you more money, but at this point you should have grown to the point where you can afford it.

AdWords/PPC – Build that online presence

Re-targeting Ads – follow your interested prospects

Pay for a more sophisticated website

Increase telemarketing hour

Spend more on Facebook ads

Get someone to edit your videos

Pay someone to build your SEO (AND KEEP IT THERE)

So although not everyone will agree with this layout, one thing is true. If your budget only allows for phase 1 and the ‘experts” are selling you on phase 3 then they are not looking out for your best interests. If you want to grow your business than you HAVE to make every single dollar count. Stretch your budget to its max and be smart about your purchases.

So here is another important thing. If you managed to read through this whole article than you actually care about your company and I would like to offer you a free analysis of your marketing budget. Fill out our contact form and I will help you STRETCH your dollar. I already gave you the basic framework to a realistic long term marketing plan, now it is time to get to work.



How is that New Year’s Resolution going? Have you started, failed, or are you sticking to it? Resolutions usually fail because they are a thought, idea, or feeling. Only sometimes they transfer into action and when they do, they do not last. Revolutions on the other hand are forceful actions that bring about change. They put an end to a bad behavior or they work to implement something new, something better.

So when it comes to your commercial cleaning company, I challenge you to create 2 company wide revolutions. The first challenge is to eliminate a bad practice or behavior that is negatively impacting your business. It may be as small as not checking in with your current customers as often as you should. Maybe it has to do with how your brand is being interpreted by your buyers. How is your customer service? Are you treating your employees as you should? whatever it is, identify it and fix it

The second revolution is more specific and you can only pick one to focus on. The first one is to increase your production rate. First, do you know your production rate? How can you clean faster and still maintain the quality that your clients are looking for? What are you doing wrong that is causing the inefficiency? Identify it and increase it.

The second is sales. I challenge you to spend 5-7 hours a week prospecting on the telephone. Move whatever you have to and make more time, or delegate the task down. Whatever you have to do, get it done. Make it a priority and I guarantee you that good things will happen.

So stop saying you will change something and just do it. Eliminate 1 bad behavior and create 1 good action. I have given you your resolutions, now it is your turn to turn it into a revolution. Don’t make excuses, just do it.

The Squirrel and His Nuts

Squirrels are a very interesting animal and through the development of new communities, these animals have found refuge in our backyards. Although they live among us, we do not pay much attention to them. Besides the occasional swerve in the road, they blend into everyday life. Still, they are quite smart. They have the instinct to collect and store nuts and acorns for when they will need them the most, during the “slow times”


This simple concept often eludes business owners, but it still is an important part to B2B marketing. Just like the squirrel, there are “slow times” for businesses. For commercial cleaning companies, these times occur twice a year. May-July and Oct-Dec are the two times a year that not many companies are buying a cleaning service. Jan-April and Aug-Sept are peak seasons and are usually when you will have the best chance of acquiring a new contract.

With this being known, your marketing strategy needs to complement these seasons. Many companies will run marketing campaigns during the peak seasons, but that is a mistake. B2B marketing undoubtedly has lag time. Usually it falls anywhere between 1-2 months. So if you wait till the start of peak season to begin prospecting/marketing your chances of missing opportunities is high. The best time to prospect is during the slow times. By doing so, you will be prepared for when you need it the most, during the time your prospect is ACTUALLY BUYING.

I want to help you with this. So from know to the end of the year, I am offering my Jump Start Janitorial Marketing course for only $489 (or two payments of $255) That is a 40% discount. You will learn how to implement a proven marketing process in-house. A process that includes telemarketing, direct mail, walk-in cold calls and leveraging the internet to market your cleaning company in a timely manner. You will not only be prepared come first of the year, you will be able to run the process all year because you will not be paying top dollar to outsource the work.

Don’t wait until January to start prospecting and miss all those potential appointments. Start now! after all, if a squirrel can be prepared, why can’t you?

The next few weeks will dictate your company’s growth for 2016

While your competition is sipping eggnog at those questionable Christmas parties you will be hitting that pavement 7 days a week. You will be nursing blisters on your fingers from all that dialing and bandaging paper cuts from those direct mail letters

Toot Your Own Horn and Stop Losing Accounts.

Still, the account is lost and there is nothing you can do about it. To you this firing is based on one mistake that was blown out of proportion. To your customer, it is much more. It was not one mistake, it was 20 mistakes over the past 3 years. 

You’re Not Interesting and No One Cares About Your Story

Americans spend billions of dollars a year to be entertained by stories. That is why we have television, movies, magazines, books, both fiction and nonfiction. On top of that, the time spent being entertained by these “stories” is endless. People crave a good story. 

You Want More Cleaning Contracts? Go Smell Your Competitor.

So let’s face it, the majority of janitorial companies offer the same service with the same benefits. So what makes you different? Harry Beckwith goes as far to say that it can boil down to the cologne that the salesman where. Now, I am not saying sneaking up on your competitor to get a good whiff will give you a competitive advantage, but the concept is true.

You Want To Grow Your Janitorial Company, Then Get Uncomfortable

The worst possible, most catastrophic idea that can ruin any business is comfort. You get comfortable at where you are at, how much your company makes, the equipment you use and the marketing strategies you utilize. Comfort is the destroyer of creativity

Assembling Your First Prospect List (including FREE template)

Cleaning service owners quickly learn that although they may have started with their first cleaning contract falling in their lap, waiting on heaven to rain cleaning contracts is not a workable strategy for a growing business. Proactively seeking out the accounts you want is a much surer strategy. This is what is called targeting.

Cleaning Company Show & Tell

Time after time you encounter the same information regurgitated in different forms from familiar sources. You will learn a lot from these resources, but you will eventually hit a wall. You find yourself having this knowledge yet not able to put it into practice.

Janitorial Sales Appointment Quality

The quality of a janitorial appointment is determined by the circumstances by which the appointment was arranged. A quality appointment is one where you meet with the decision maker and they are prepared to purchase your services. This is a buyer, and your appointment with this person can be considered high quality

Monday Morning "The Cleaning People Missed a Trash Can" Calls

Mondays in almost all cleaning services are the same. Monday mornings are taken up with calls and emails on issues and problems from the weekend. “The cleaning people missed a trash can” calls come and the cleaning service owner is compelled to smooth out ruffled client feathers. 

2 Reasons Your Success is Directly Tied to Your List of Cleaning Prospects

He was a “salesman’s salesman” in the grandest tradition of those few natural born salespeople, always on top. Fact is if he wasn’t selling cleaning, he would have sold millions of dollars of anything else he chose. Selling was instinctual for him, it was in his DNA. I learned so much for which I am thankful. I learned to develop my own style and that people like to do business with people they like. Two very important lessons.

3 Reasons The Future Of Janitorial Lead Generation Is Bleak

Telemarketing and janitorial appointment setting campaigns are on the move to becoming more and more ineffective. The reason? As the janitorial industry becomes more and more competitive the ability to set quality appointments will become more and more challenging. What does this do for appointment setting service companies? They have 3 options

Posted on August 24, 2015 .