You Want More Cleaning Contracts? Go Smell Your Competitor.

Think for a moment how you purchase computers. If you are like me, you will compare you choices by putting the functions of each computer side by side. Each one will have its own checklist. You will look at the similarities, but more importantly the differences. Everything up to this point is the same, but you do not care about the same so you find the difference. If everything was the same, your decision would merely be random selection.

Your prospects are taking the same approach when it comes to hiring a cleaning contractor. In his book Selling the Invisible, Harry Beckwith states that “The more similar the services are, the more important each differences become”. So let’s face it, the majority of janitorial companies offer the same service with the same benefits. So what makes you different? Harry Beckwith goes as far to say that it can boil down to the cologne that the salesman where. Now, I am not saying sneaking up on your competitor to get a good whiff will give you a competitive advantage, but the concept is true.

When it comes time to buy, what really makes you stand out in your prospect’s mind? What do you offer that very few others are? If nothing jumps out, then you have a problem. So you need to make your checklist and here is how.

Start by narrowing down multiple cleaning companies in your area. Make a list of the prominent ones and start searching. You search their websites, you call them and ask questions (do not call as your company, but a potential buyer), if they have references than follow up with them. What you are trying to do is to compile a list of services, qualities and anything that makes those companies unique and what they offer.

Now is the hard part. Brainstorm and compile your own list of ways to be different. If at any point the two lists contain similar results, get rid of it. What you will be left with is your selling point and the thing that is going to make you stand out in your prospects mind.