Jump Start Sees Value, Do You?

Jump Start Janitorial Marketing is a turn-key marketing program that is designed specifically for commercial cleaning company owners. It is created in the form of an online training course. It is broken up into two sections. The first section teaches the janitorial company owner how to find, evaluate, hire and track their own telemarketer (lead generation specialist). After the marketer is hired, the course will then teach the new employee how to implement their newly learned skills into setting more appointments and generating more leads.This course focuses on 5 key marketing element.

  • Telemarketing (80% of the  work will be spent on the phone)

  • Direct Mail

  • Email

  • Social Research

  • Sales Call Incorporation

These marketing elements are brought together and put into a specific timeline. This is not just a way to learn about marketing, it is about when and how to use them. A cold call or letter presented at the wrong time will lead to a dead end, but when the marketing action occurs when it should it will lead to a quality sales appointment.


The sales appointment will be of quality form and targeted based on the accounts that want to be acquired. This will lead to a profitable cleaning contract that was built on mutual respect. The prospect was not forced into a decision by aggressive telemarketing or manipulation. The account was acquired by marketing tactics that were implemented correctly and helped establish rapport with the prospect. The value of a profitable contract that was awarded based on these strong marketing avenues is endless. This means if a cleaning account is acquired and provides monthly revenue of $2,000 then that is $24,000 a year. Now, what if the account was kept for 10 years (since it was acquired correctly then this is very probable)? That one account will yield $240,000. That is $240,000 that was earned because the foundational marketing elements were implemented in the correct order and in a timely manner. This is the value of a cleaning contract and it all starts with one call.