You’re Not Interesting and No One Cares About Your Story

Americans spend billions of dollars a year to be entertained by stories. That is why we have television, movies, magazines, books, both fiction and nonfiction. On top of that, the time spent being entertained by these “stories” is endless. People crave a good story. These same people also have jobs, some of which put them in a position to be your prospects. This appetite for a good story does not go away when they clock in. It is constant. It is who they are.

Think for a moment about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Many children will give you ambitious dreams of being a doctor, lawyer or president. I ask my daughter Chloe what she wants to be when she grows up and every time she says she wants to be a rockstar.  I have never once heard a child say they want to be a janitor when they grow up. That would be ridiculous, but here we are. Seriously, what is interesting about cleaning? It is a service that is required and your company fills that need. Absolutely nothing about that entices your prospect.

You see, a child who dreams of being a doctor, who then becomes one does not usually produce a nail biting story. It is predictable and boring. So how did you get to this point? How did you go from wanting to be a doctor to cleaning toilets? What happened that was so profound that took you from point A to point B?

The story is not what you are doing now or what your company is doing. It is what got you to this point and what keeps you here. Your prospects are craving a good story. So give it them. All you have to do is ask yourself, how did I get here? Look between point A and point B and you will find your story.