Toot Your Own Horn and Stop Losing Accounts.

You receive a call from one of your better clients and are happy to hear from them. Why wouldn’t you, they are an exceptional customer. They pay on time, rarely complain and have been with you for the last three years. To you, this does not raise a need for alarm, after all they are a happy satisfied customer. So when they call to tell you they will no longer need your service, you are blindsided like Greg Landry on a Sunday afternoon. They say your staff missed a trash can over the weekend and completely disregarded a spot on the carpet. You think this is a bit extreme to justify firing you. Still, the account is lost and there is nothing you can do about it.


To you this firing is based on one mistake that was blown out of proportion. To your customer, it is much more. It was not one mistake, it was 20 mistakes over the past 3 years. They were all small mistakes that were not always brought to your attention so you were tricked into believing that they were satisfied. The customer held it inside and eventually it boiled over.

This is what happens when you stop marketing your company. Many cleaning company owners believe marketing is intended only to acquire new accounts. This is a dangerous perception to believe. Marketing your company to your current customers play a major role in customer retention. It is used to stay relevant in your customer’s mind. It reminds them that they made a good decision hiring you.

It could be a simple reference to a new account you recently acquired, A recent award you were recognized for or a certification you received. Maybe it is to make your customer aware of a new charity you have partnered with or a new benefit you are now offering your employees. Marketing is not just for growing your portfolio, it is about keeping what you already have.