The Squirrel and His Nuts

Squirrels are a very interesting animal and through the development of new communities, these animals have found refuge in our backyards. Although they live among us, we do not pay much attention to them. Besides the occasional swerve in the road, they blend into everyday life. Still, they are quite smart. They have the instinct to collect and store nuts and acorns for when they will need them the most, during the “slow times”


This simple concept often eludes business owners, but it still is an important part to B2B marketing. Just like the squirrel, there are “slow times” for businesses. For commercial cleaning companies, these times occur twice a year. May-July and Oct-Dec are the two times a year that not many companies are buying a cleaning service. Jan-April and Aug-Sept are peak seasons and are usually when you will have the best chance of acquiring a new contract.

With this being known, your marketing strategy needs to complement these seasons. Many companies will run marketing campaigns during the peak seasons, but that is a mistake. B2B marketing undoubtedly has lag time. Usually it falls anywhere between 1-2 months. So if you wait till the start of peak season to begin prospecting/marketing your chances of missing opportunities is high. The best time to prospect is during the slow times. By doing so, you will be prepared for when you need it the most, during the time your prospect is ACTUALLY BUYING.

I want to help you with this. So from know to the end of the year, I am offering my Jump Start Janitorial Marketing course for only $489 (or two payments of $255) That is a 40% discount. You will learn how to implement a proven marketing process in-house. A process that includes telemarketing, direct mail, walk-in cold calls and leveraging the internet to market your cleaning company in a timely manner. You will not only be prepared come first of the year, you will be able to run the process all year because you will not be paying top dollar to outsource the work.

Don’t wait until January to start prospecting and miss all those potential appointments. Start now! after all, if a squirrel can be prepared, why can’t you?