The next few weeks will dictate your company’s growth for 2016

To many people, November and December is a time for family, holiday dinners and old time traditions. It is a time for the yearly stampede upon retail stores and cheesy Christmas sweaters and holiday parties. The chaos and excitement of the holidays move to the forefront of everyone’s mind as other tasks and responsibilities try to hold its’ ground. For you and your janitorial company this means one thing. Your 2016 marketing efforts NEED to begin now!

Your prospect’s budgets are set for next year, they are moving into holiday mode. They will not being looking to hire a new cleaning company. After all, who wants to be a Grinch? Nothing says humbug like firing your cleaning staff weeks before Christmas. Still, this is not a time to sit back. If there was ever a time to prospect harder, it is now. You will most likely not acquire any new accounts, but you will gather valuable information. Your prospect will let their guard down this time a year and will be more willing to speak with you. Use this opportunity to build a rapport with your prospects while they are filled with that “holiday jubilation”

While your competition is sipping eggnog at those questionable Christmas parties you will be hitting that pavement 7 days a week. You will be nursing blisters on your fingers from all that dialing and bandaging paper cuts from those direct mail letters. You WILL be what your prospect remembers when January rolls around.

So let your competition shoot themselves in the eye, while you prepare to grow your company for 2016. Sure, you might miss out here and there, but it will be worth it. Because when July rolls around you and your family will be celebrating your own Christmas on some white sandy beach in the middle of nowhere.