Outsourcing is Not Always The Best Idea

The hammer is an essential tool for a tool box. It can build, fix, and destroy. It has many uses and is used everyday, but what if there are no nails. Can you build something great with only a hammer? What if you only have screws? You can waste your time hammering a screw or you can go get your screw driver. What makes more sense?

Just like the hammer, janitorial appointment setting is a very usefully tool for businesses, but just because an ad said it will work does not mean it will. Talking about a prospect can mean different things depending on where they are in the sales cycle. If prospect A is under contract for another year then why would you call them every week. It does not make sense, yet telemarketing services do this everyday. They make thousands of calls everyday and this leaves the janitorial company wandering why they themselves can not get the contract. Wouldn't it be better to take the time to use telemarketing to gather the information about each prospect and build your prospecting and sales around that info. It may be time to face reality and accept the fact that the hammer may not your companies best interest in mind. So... lets stop hammering screws and start using the tools the way they are meant to be used.