3 Reasons The Future Of Janitorial Lead Generation Is Bleak

Telemarketing and janitorial appointment setting campaigns are on the move to becoming more and more ineffective. The reason? As the janitorial industry becomes more and more competitive the ability to set quality appointments will become more and more challenging. What does this do for appointment setting service companies? They have 3 options:

Option 1: Raise The Price

This option is based on a simple concept. It will take more time and more calls to set the appointments. This requires more labor for the appointment setting company. More labor equals more overhead. So the company is forced to raise their prices.

Option 2: The Quality Of The Appointments Decrease

This will become a very common option for the service companies because if they raise their prices they will lose customers. So the solution? They will become less picky about the quality of appointments. If you have a certain criteria on prospects and leads that you require then the service company will be forced to stray from this very important requirement. They will start to send you on more appointments that you do NOT want in order to make their number's better and to make themselves look good to potential customers

Option 3: They Become The Middle Man

For the companies that decide to take the easy way out they will simply outsource their labor. Why? BECAUSE IT IS CHEAPER. Their profit margins will sky rocket with this option because they now get to pay only $2 and hour to someone overseas. They will reduce their price to look more appealing to you and they become the middle man. You will continually go on bad appointments and wast your money. 

There are companies out there that may have produced good results in the past, but in the near future you will see them take one of these options. Buyer beware when it comes to evaluating service companies. It does not matter what they did 5 years ago, it matters what they will produce NOW.

John Selkow