3 Reason The Internet Is Ruining Your Janitoria Lead Generation

I am a Millennial. For the most part I grew up with the internet and I embraced the early innovations of the technology revolution. In my childhood an encyclopedia was simply a weight to hold down the blankets on my livingroom forts. When I had a question I Googled it. When I needed to build something I asked YouTube instead of the guy at Home Depot. The internet to me is the greatest intellectual tool in the history of the world, but at the same time it also makes us all incredibly stupid!

The internet sucks us in to its’ overwhelming amounts of information. One link sends you to another and another and before you know it you are learning about the Aztec culture when all you wanted was a brownie recipe. We get lost in virtual space.

The B2B market has greatly benefited from this virtual space. What once took weeks, months and even years to learn can now be found with one click. Every prospect you need can now be found in a group. An email address can take seconds to obtain. So what is the problem? There are 3 main reasons why the internet is ruining your janitorial  lead generation and here there are:

It Decreases Your Productivity:

Just like the brownie recipe an employee can surf the internet to collect relevant information that directly relates to their work, but ends up looking at sport stats. They begin to spend less time working on what matters and more time on personal tasks.

So thank you internet you are making us all worse employees.

Research Is A Rush

I once spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to collect a prospect's contact information and got nowhere.I was getting the runaround and it was making me crazy. I then decided to google it and found everything I needed in 60 seconds… I was excited. So I did it again with another prospect and got similar results. It was a rush. I got addicted and believed that this was the most efficient way to prospect, I was wrong. I found myself spending hours on one lead and still coming to a dead end, but because I believed my misconception I continued wasting my time and money instead of just picking up the phone and calling the company.

So thank you internet you are making us all research addicts.

You Get Stuck Behind The Desk:

Whoever said LinkedIn is the best way to get cleaning accounts was an idiot. You will never get anywhere with looking at discussions and posting comments, at some point you need to pick up the phone and actually talk with someone. Even more, you need to get in the car and actually make some cold calls, but have a prospect's name before you walk in the door. The days of hitting the pavement 5 days a week is over because it is not the most efficient way to get cleaning accounts. Still, it has its’ place and needs to be a big part of your prospecting.

So thank you internet you are making us all lazy

The internet is a great prospecting tool, and it can be very helpful. It also can be your worst enemy, so it is important to understand that there is not a single thing you can do to make your janitorial prospecting better than your competitons. You NEED to do it all. You need to find a mix of different marketing tools and incorporate them into a marketing strategy. I am a strong believer that your primary tool should be the telephone because it is the most efficient, but it should not be the only tool used.  If you don’t find your strategy you will find yourself following fad after fad; running campaign after campaign until one day you find yourself closing your company’s doors.