Cleaning Company Show & Tell

As an owner of a commercial cleaning company, you have an abundance of marketing tools at your disposal. Different perspectives from different people and many revolve around the same subjects. You have your email marketing, direct mailing, cold calling tips, social media marketing, video marketing and so much more options that are constantly showing up in your feeds, posts and spam folder. Sure, everyone has their “technique” and sometimes it is helpful, but every time it is generic.

Time after time you encounter the same information regurgitated in different forms from familiar sources. You will learn a lot from these resources, but you will eventually hit a wall. You find yourself having this knowledge yet not able to put it into practice. Maybe you figure it out, but only after countless trial and error that has wasted your time and money.

I know everyone on LinkedIn has seen the “how to use content marketing”posts, you have most likely read about it many times. So it blows my mind to continue to see people post advertisements into groups on a consistent basis. Even worse is that it is being posted in the groups with other cleaning companies. I guarantee you they will not be buying your service. This is the wall. Knowing what to do, but not being able to turn it into anything productive.

In order for you to grow your cleaning company you will not only need the tools and all those wonderful articles that are being given away everyday, you need to know how and when to use it. You can read about call scripts, email headlines, direct mail letters and all the other tools, but unless it is put into illustrated, step-by-step plan of action then it is useless. Everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing. So if nobody is “showing” you how and when to use them specifically for your janitorial company than they are of no value to you. “Telling” you is generic. “Showing” you is original and effective.