Assembling Your First Prospect List (including FREE template)

Cleaning service owners quickly learn that although they may have started with their first cleaning contract falling in their lap, waiting on heaven to rain cleaning contracts is not a workable strategy for a growing business. Proactively seeking out the accounts you want is a much surer strategy. This is what is called targeting. Targeting begins with assembling your prospect list.

The tools and resources to assemble a great working prospect list for your cleaning service is limited only by your own creativity. Perhaps the oldest method we call “smokestack” prospecting. Smokestack prospecting is done from your car as you travel around your service area, noting the size and use of the buildings around you. Company name and street address are the first two data points. Estimating employee head count is determined by counting cars in the parking lot.

With company name and address you can fill out additional information with a simple Google search (Bing is also a search engine option however Yahoo is more interested in their own ads than providing results). Phone numbers will be readily available, your next data point for your list.

You have enough to proceed with a telephone number however another few minutes of research will turbo charge your list and the effectiveness of each call. Building a prospecting list using smokestack targeting and traditional data list purchasing (based on specific requirements). Is the first step to growing your commercial cleaning company

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