Janitorial Sales Appointment Quality

The quality of a janitorial appointment is determined by the circumstances by which the appointment was arranged. A quality appointment is one where you meet with the decision maker and they are prepared to purchase your services. This is a buyer, and your appointment with this person can be considered high quality.

The highest quality appointments are with decision makers with whom you have targeted. They fit your business perfectly or are in the exact location you already successfully providing your service. You have done your homework on them and you have provided everything necessary for them to do their homework on you. You have checked each other out and both agree there is enough of a fit for you to do a walk through and follow up with your proposal.  

Then there are appointments where you are not meeting with the actual decision maker, instead you meet with an assistant who does not have the authority to buy from you. They are not convinced that they need your services and they are not dissatisfied with their present cleaning provider. This is a low quality appointment. This is an uphill battle that may be an opportunity at some point in the distant future, but not at that moment. No one has done any homework on the other and the relationship has yet to be defined

One of the most often asked questions in professional cleaning industry forums is “how do I get leads for my cleaning service?” What is really being asked is how do I generate sales appointments and how do I get in front of buyers who will purchase my services.

There is now dozens of companies who claim to provide leads or sales appointments to US cleaning services. Many of them operate from overseas call centers, however what they provide are low quality appointments. Instead of being in the cleaning business you find yourself in the free estimate business, chasing people who cannot buy from you or have no interest in changing over to your company. The money you spend for these services are more than what you would spend to generate your own sales appointments.

If you go out on twenty sales appointments, make proposal presentations over a period of time and close one new contract, you have a five percent close ratio. If you go out on twenty sales appointments and win ten new contracts, you have a fifty percent close ratio. The number of new service contracts sold divided by the number of proposal presentations over a period of time, is your close ratio.

The quality of your appointments is the determining factor in your closing ratio. Is there a difference in value between high and low quality appointments? It is more effective to generate high quality appointments than to chase low quality ones.

Cleaning service owners who generate their own appointments grow faster than those who have no control and outsource their appointment setting to others overseas. In fact you may be doing harm to your local reputation because of the tactics used by these services. Your reputation is not their concern. All they are doing is getting anyone at all to agree to meet with you and they have no problem saying anything to anyone who will give them a “yes” answer.

Will you risk your reputation?

Will you waste precious resources such as your time and money?