How is that New Year’s Resolution going? Have you started, failed, or are you sticking to it? Resolutions usually fail because they are a thought, idea, or feeling. Only sometimes they transfer into action and when they do, they do not last. Revolutions on the other hand are forceful actions that bring about change. They put an end to a bad behavior or they work to implement something new, something better.

So when it comes to your commercial cleaning company, I challenge you to create 2 company wide revolutions. The first challenge is to eliminate a bad practice or behavior that is negatively impacting your business. It may be as small as not checking in with your current customers as often as you should. Maybe it has to do with how your brand is being interpreted by your buyers. How is your customer service? Are you treating your employees as you should? whatever it is, identify it and fix it

The second revolution is more specific and you can only pick one to focus on. The first one is to increase your production rate. First, do you know your production rate? How can you clean faster and still maintain the quality that your clients are looking for? What are you doing wrong that is causing the inefficiency? Identify it and increase it.

The second is sales. I challenge you to spend 5-7 hours a week prospecting on the telephone. Move whatever you have to and make more time, or delegate the task down. Whatever you have to do, get it done. Make it a priority and I guarantee you that good things will happen.

So stop saying you will change something and just do it. Eliminate 1 bad behavior and create 1 good action. I have given you your resolutions, now it is your turn to turn it into a revolution. Don’t make excuses, just do it.