The 3 Marketing Phases to Grow Your Cleaning Company

Ok, so here it is. You already know there is a difference between direct and digital marketing. Now, many consultant, service providers, “experts” will mislead many commercial cleaning owners into believing that one is better than another. This is a bold faced LIE!

The truth is simple and you already know what it is. You cannot successfully apply one without the other. A mixture of digital and traditional direct marketing will be the only way to grow your company from small to large.  So here is what it looks like

Digital marketing includes things like SEO, retargeting ads, Facebook/LinkedIn ads, Adwords, Social media (content marketing), Video marketing, Podcasts, mass email, ect.… So you get the idea. Digital is marketing that is viewed on a screen. Now look at the other component.

Direct Marketing includes things like telemarketing, direct mail (postcards and letters), networking, referrals, social media (direct messaging), door to door cold calling, direct email, etc.…

Now, can you see the difference yet? Ask yourself this question when you are differentiating between the two. Who is going to see this? If you are able to say a prospects name/company then it is direct, if you answer an audience then it is digital.

As a small business owner you will not have the resources to do all the different marketing avenues. You have to choose a mixture of both. Although you must choose for yourself the path you will take, I believe that a company’s marketing effort is broken into 3 phases based upon a company’s budget.


Phase 1 -  this phase is based on making your dollar stretch as far as you can in the most efficient way.

Telemarketing – in-house telemarketing is cheap and efficient. It is the best way to filter through prospects and collect names. This is the first step to direct marketing. GET A NAME!!!

Ask for referrals – offer a discount to current clients for anybody they bring to you.

SEO - set up your website and read some article on SEO, it is not that difficult to get to page one (you may not be #1, but they will see you) for now in phase one it will be enough.

Networking – get out and meet some people, find some local groups and pass out those cards

Social media -  At the very least, get on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and set up your accounts (do yourself a favor and DO NOT EVER BUY likes or followers)

Door to Door – Go hit the pavement.

Phase 2 – lets incorporate a few more marketing avenues that will cost you a little more money, but should be a priority in addition to phase one

Video marketing – you can shoot video on a webcam or through screencast and post it to YouTube. This is part of content marketing and it helps SEO

Social Media (content marketing) – start posting relevant content to your prospects. Time is money so although content marketing is free, it takes time

Direct Mail – use that prospecting list from phase 1 that you collected by telemarketing, networking, ect….

Facebook ads -  This is a cheap way to get your brand in front of prospects.

LinkedIn ads – these are more expensive and less effective, but if you pay for a couple ads (at least $10) LinkedIn will start sending you $50 credits to spend and at that point it is free and c’mon who does not like free?

Phase 3 – these are the bells and whistles that will cost you more money, but at this point you should have grown to the point where you can afford it.

AdWords/PPC – Build that online presence

Re-targeting Ads – follow your interested prospects

Pay for a more sophisticated website

Increase telemarketing hour

Spend more on Facebook ads

Get someone to edit your videos

Pay someone to build your SEO (AND KEEP IT THERE)

So although not everyone will agree with this layout, one thing is true. If your budget only allows for phase 1 and the ‘experts” are selling you on phase 3 then they are not looking out for your best interests. If you want to grow your business than you HAVE to make every single dollar count. Stretch your budget to its max and be smart about your purchases.

So here is another important thing. If you managed to read through this whole article than you actually care about your company and I would like to offer you a free analysis of your marketing budget. Fill out our contact form and I will help you STRETCH your dollar. I already gave you the basic framework to a realistic long term marketing plan, now it is time to get to work.