The Slow Death of the Telephone

We have all seen the articles and blog post about how cold calling is DEAD. Usually the end result of the article is a trendy marketing process, software or something else that you have to buy.  The truth of this is that cold calling and the telephone in general is NOT dead, but in the process of a slow, painful death. This process will most likely take upwards of a decade to disappear and for the coffin to finally close. This leaves you with a decision to stop telemarketing all together or ride it out. Both decisions are foolish and will hurt your business eventually.  So what are your options?

THE GOAL: Balance a smooth transition

Try new things, follow the trends, and fail until you find something that works. That is the best advice I can give you.  All the new technology platforms that are being created everyday may not fit into your marketing plan, but some will. You most likely won’t have success with using Snapchat as a social media marketing platform, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a viable option in 12 months. Everything is constantly changing. So you need to change as well

Like the saying goes…Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. So don’t follow every trend and put all your resources into the HOTTEST product or service. Be smart, do your research and don’t give up on what is on the decline. The telephone is still the most efficient way find prospects. So don’t quit on it, just alter it. The best way to transition into the future is to reduce overhead on what is on the decline. Minimize your risk. Don’t pay a service company $30-70 per hour to make a few phone calls and send some emails. That is ridiculous. REDUCE YOUR OVERHEAD!

That is why I am offering my products and services at a discount for a short time. (YES, I know the irony after bashing those other companies for selling stuff after an article). The difference is that I am not going to fix every one of your problems, I am simply going to help you transition into the future by helping you bring your telemarketing efforts in-house. Tell that $70 per hour service company that you quit and let me help you free up your marketing budget. In order to transition into the future you need to try new things, but don’t leverage everything you have. Keep calling (at a fraction of the price) and make your budget work FOR YOU.

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