Jump Start Janitorial Marketing Program

The full training course will help janitorial company owners and sales managers to find, evaluate, hire and train their own telemarketer. This product trains both the supervisor and telemarketer on how to generate endless quality janitorial appointments by using a proven marketing process. A process that is unique to the janitorial industry. Bring your janitorial appointment setting in-house. Jump Start Janitorial Marketing gives you step by step directions to start and manage your own telemarketing system. Not general advice but COMPLETE step by step, word for word instructions. Training presented in 18 videos and 32 documents for janitorial company owners, sales managers and your new telemarketer. Break free from lead gen/appointment setting services. Maximize you budget by bringing it in-house. There are two ways to increase company profit, reduce overhead and increase revenue. Jump Start Janitorial Marketing course will do both.


Here Is What You DO Get!

  • 18 training videos designed both for you and your telemarketer

  • 34+ documents and activities

  • Self-guided Customization calling script and responses to common questions

  • Custom Telemarketing Coding System to increase efficiency

  • Walk through of how to set everything up on google for free.

  • How to track and calculate your ROI of the Marketing Efforts

  • Online research tricks to gather valuable prospect information

  • Course is delivered online and can be accessed anywhere with internet.

  • No previous knowledge of marketing is required to succeed. You will learn it all

  • …and much more (See Below)


Here is What You Do Not Get!

  • No water downed content, everything is original and is not being offered anywhere else.

  • No busy work, the course is condensed and every piece of information learned will be used.

  • No secondary product to buy, everything is included in one purchase.

  • No Certificate of Completion. A piece of paper is not your ROI, it is the contracts you will get from the course.


Generate More Cleaning Leads And Set More Janitorial Appointments In-House

We don't tell you what you should be doing, we teach you exactly what to do with step by step instructions. Jump Start Janitorial Marketing  has been developed specifically for janitorial owners and sales managers. This training course was created to help bring the janitorial appointment setting service in-house. Everything is included to fully train your own telemarketer who you can have for a fraction of the cost it would be to outsource your janitorial appointment setting to a service company. We found it’s much more effective if all janitorial appointment setting and prospecting is done in-house. (Compare $12 per hour for you to pay your own appointment setter to $35 for someone else to do it for you).

The reason in-house appointment setting for janitorial contracts fails is because of lack of training, both for the you and the telemarketer. When both parties are trained you will find that in-house is the better choice than those appointment setting services.

Setting quality janitorial appointments and generating profitable contracts will be well within the budget of even the smallest cleaning service if you manage your own program. You can now do this with this complete program. The course is built around 18 videos and over 34 different documents and forms. The process taught in Jump Start Janitorial Marketing (80% of which is telemarketing) has been developed around lead generation specifically for janitorial companies. JSJM  teaches you how to set-up your own janitorial appointment setter. It's not only about the marketing tools that are included in the course (telemarketing, direct mail, email and social media), but it is about the precise timing of each action that makes this course so effective.

The franchising companies control about 10% of the total market and their success comes from their streamlined lead generation system which all starts on the phone. We are strong advocates of this concept because it’s the only one that creates constant results. A steady inflow of prospects will result in constant inflow of new cleaning contracts. This reduces “slow times” for your company.

Jump Start will allow you to apply this process to your company. The greatest benefit to you is that you are not paying $35-65 per hour. You will pay out a fraction of that to generate better results.

This course not only teaches these proven tools, it will show you, the owner or sales manager, how to set it all up for FREE using Google. You will learn how to find, evaluate, hire and monitor your new lead generator and appointment setter. You will also learn how to track your company's progress and will be able to figure out how much it costs to generate janitorial appointments and contracts. This will allow to better forecast your company's growth.

Your new employee will learn the most effective marketing tactics available. Your lead generation specialist will learn who to call, what to say (all scripts are included), the right questions to ask, how to get past the receptionist, how to track your progress and finally setting the janitorial appointment. Your appointment setter will become the biggest asset to your company.

We believe the future of your company is dictated by the actions you take today, so why wait to take charge of your own leads and sales appointments? What would a steady stream of new cleaning contracts mean for your company? One new cleaning contract will pay for the whole course but the important thing is your future is set and secured with Jump Start Janitorial Marketing. Why wait any longer, isn’t it time you controlled your own future?




Jump Start Janitorial Marketing Course Outline

(Owner/Manager course outline)            

HUNTER V FARMERwhy farmers always know where their next meal is coming from             


  • Why Hire Your Own Lead Generator.
  • How this program was designed.
  • Overview of marketing process


  • Qualities to look for when hiring your LGS
  • Where and how to find the best candidates
  • How to evaluate them. Hiring Checklist


  •  Why Google?  Because it is FREE
  • How to create your lead generation account.
  • How to track activity of your lead generator.
  • Step by step video instructions


  • Best sources of lists
  •  Know your selection criteria before you buy.
  • Importance of a quality list          


  • Why you use note
  •  Action Codes, Codes
  •  Prospect Levels


  • ROI,
  • Cost per appointment
  •  Cost per contract             


  • Email introductions
  •  Why direct mail is alive.
  • What goes in the envelopes?
  • Start writing NOW           


(Lead Generation Specialist/Telemarketer Training Outline)        


  •  Your Role.
  • What is a sales appointment?
  • Janitorial Terminology.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Who to report to and how to communicate your progress    


  • Why we use Google
  • Applications Google offers.
  • Google Overview
  • A time saving coding system.
  • Why we use telemarketing codes.
  • Notes Codes. Action Codes. Prospect Levels


  • Preparing you monthly and weekly schedules
  • getting organized
  • body language
  • Primary goals and secondary plans.
  • Know which titles to ask for.
  • Know what you need to ask the prospect.
  • Adjusting your mood.     


  • Getting ready to make calls
  • Voice inflexion and tone mirroring.
  • How to sound on the phone.
  • Telemarketing etiquette.
  • Who is the gatekeeper?
  • How to get past the gatekeeper.       


  • Talking with the Decision Maker.
  • Asking the right questions, how to keep the conversation going,
  • taking action after the conversation.  
  • Setting the sales appointment.
  • Gatekeeper rebuttals and decision maker rebuttals.
  • How to build your script.


  • Give time to be organized,
  • how to clean your prospecting lists.
  • Evaluating your own performance.
  • Keep track of all your prospects.


  • Following up will set you apart.
  • Tools to use to maintain contact.
  • The five ways to follow up           


  •  When to research a lead online,
  • effective techniques to gather information,
  • when not to research.


The future of your company is dictated by the actions you take today, so don’t wait. A new start is yours for the taking.